How does the shipping service work?

Suite Lola provides 2 different shipping options - "Self Service" and "Concierge Service". To initiate a shipping order with Suite Lola, you must first select either the Self Service option or the Concierge Service option on the Customer Service Panel.

"Self Service" is intended for Members who are buying from shopping sites that accept Brunei-issued credit cards. Members are responsible for buying the products directly on the websites of the retailers and having the packages sent to their Suite Lola addresses in that country. We will then take care of the shipping of the packages to Brunei.

"Concierge Service" is for Members who are buying from shopping sites that do NOT accept foreign credit cards. Members must submit a product purchase request form using the Customer Service Panel. Suite Lola purchases the products from the online retailers on behalf of the Members and also arranges for the shipping of the products to Brunei. In addition to the shipping costs, Regular Members must pay 2.5% of the total amount of goods purchased or a minimum of B$5 as the service fee for each Concierge Service order. Premium Members enjoy complimentary Concierge Service, however, please note that ALL Concierge Service orders are subject to the 3.5% credit card processing fee charged by the bank.

Members are not restricted to using Self Service or Concierge Service only for the shopping sites featured on Suite Lola. You are welcome to our Suite Lola Self Service and Concierge Service to assist you with any of your U.S./U.K./Canada/Singapore online shopping requirements.

For detailed steps on how to use the Self Service and Concierge Service options, please refer to the shipping instructions.

Concierge Service vs Self Service


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